Map of the USA and the Zone

Last time we showed you the preliminary cover with our protagonist Noah on it. This time you get a sneak peak at the world and the story of YELLOW STONE. Enjoy!

The Story

The future. After a fraction of the Yellowstone-supervolcano has erupted, the US-government deports all citizens of the Midwest to the coasts. To avoid economic chaos, the evacuated states are leased to corporations. They call it the Zone.

Ten years later: Noah is a Midwest-refugee like many in the D.C.-area: poor, unemployed and discriminated. Instead of fighting for his rights he keeps his head down, until one day he receives a disc with classified data on it. Information so important every police in the state is now on the hunt for him …

The Timeline

2025: Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are devastated by the Yellowstone-breakout. Evacuation to the coasts follows. Establishment of the Zone.

The following years: To keep refugees from crossing into the Zone, construction of the wall begins. Finding of rare earths within the Zone. Another volcanic eruption destroys Salt Lake City within hours.

2035 / today: First election since 2023. Refugee-candidate William Hill declares his candidacy in Little Texas, Washington D.C.

The Map

The map was done by graphic designer James Hubbell. Thanks James! This is his Tublr.

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